Hooky Comic Magazine No.1


Hooky Comic Magazine is a collection of comics and doodles which are at once goofy and thoughtful. This blend is a product of Luke’s childhood in Canada. Watching Saturday Morning cartoons and reading Mad Magazine left some scars. In Scandinavia, he absorbed Tintin, Moomin, and Pippi during his later life. What comes out is Hooky.

Hooky contains reviews of films, comics, music, podcasts, and books; some prose about being a working artist, and maybe a description of a DIY project undertaken in the woods outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Hooky looks like a proper magazine, but it is more like a fancy zine, which uses self-publishing tools rather than a Xerox machine to find its way out into the world. It’s a bit complicated but modern!

The Wild Issue contains Pimm & Ginger, Dwell, Ol’Smokey, Walden, Scroll Scroll, How to Ride a Bicycle Like a Nice Person, and some prose about the studio and building a shed.

See more pictures of the interior on: hookypress.com

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for shipping.

60 Pages full colour
Digest size (A5)
ISBN 9789198374315